Excursion to Chittorgarh

Excursion to Chittorgarh

What this tour is about:
This is a day excursion to the dramatic ruins of Chittor. Chittorgarh was the capital of the Mewar kingdom for more than 800 years (from the 7th to 16th century). It occupies a special place of pride in the history of Rajput chivalry. During its eventful history, its armies won many victories, but it is their defeats that are more famous. The fort was sacked and ruined three times by Muslim enemies. During each of these defeats, while the men-folk perished in battle, the women and children committed jauhar (self-immolation). After the last major sacking in 1567, the fort was abandoned and never occupied again.

Chittorgarh was the dwelling place of Rani Meera, the passionate poetess-saint, famous all over India for her devotion to Krishna. And all Indian schoolchildren know the story of Rani Padmini, the Rajput queen who led the fort's women and children in jauhar as the men went into a doomed battle.

Today, the broken remains of its once strong fortifications, palaces, temples, towers and reservoirs tell the story of a warrior culture where death was preferred to surrender.

Things we will see:

  • The ruins of Rana Kumbha's Palace, including elephant and horse stables, and a temple to Lord Shiva, royal treasury, etc.
  • Vijay Stambha (Victory Tower), erected by Rana Kumbha to commemorate his victory over Mahmud Shah I Khalji.
  • Kirti Stambha (Tower of Fame), dedicated to Adinath, the first Jain tirthankara.
  • Padmini’s Palace, where it is believed that Alauddin Khilji was permitted to look at her through a mirror, which mde him besotted and determined to possess her.
  • Temple to Kalika Mata, the fierce form of the goddess

How the tour works:
We will pick you up from your hotel at 8:00 a.m. and drive 2.5hrs to Chittorgarh. We will spend 2-3 hours in the fort, then have lunch at the nearby Padmini Hotel and return to Udaipur by 4:00 p.m..

When: All days of the week

Tour Start: Your hotel

Tour End: Your hotel

INR 2250 per person for a group of 5-6 people
INR 2850 per person for a group of 3-4 people
INR 3450 per person for 2 people
INR 6250 for a solo traveler

AC transport, driver with cell phone, fuel, parking charges, English-speaking guide to accompany you from Udaipur, all entrances bottled water and all taxes.